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How cool is this ?

I was lucky enough to sample a new product from Honey Creek Farms the other day. They have been working for years now developing a vinegar out of their fabulous honey - and here it was, for me to taste.

I cannot describe how good it was and begged them to let me have the whole bottle. It's not out in the stores yet, but they have promised to send me some.

Made from 100% honey it is sulfite free and with an almost Cornish Mead like taste you could almost drink it from the bottle. It's deep, mellow hue and complex flavor will blow the minds of even the best salads.

Making vinegar from honey dates back to the ancient Hebrews and boy were they on to a good thing. If you mix honey and water in the right proportions and expose it to the atmosphere for a certain amount of time then an acetic fermentation will take place.

I haven't been so excited about a new product since I found Madagascar Vanilla Bean Paste.

I Will put a recipe up on my web site using it as soon as I get my sample and also let you know in the blog as soon as it is available.

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